Marketing in the Participation Age

Marketing in the Participation Age is about the new era where individuals join, share, connect and engage. The Participation Age is more fragmented, personal, connected, real-time, and always on than we could ever imagine. It is about Participants who actively manage life by utilizing the many technology tools at their fingertips. Successful marketers in this new age will not simply focus on customers, but be customer obsessed with them, others prefer to call them users implying interaction is key. Competitive companies understand that they must do more and motivate customers to act on their behalf to be successful and inspire people to participate and keep them coming back.

Social environments can be designed to motivate participation, or they can just as easily cause disruption and disinterest.

This new marketing approach is modeled after self-determination theory and has been applied to psychology and education. It has never been applied to marketing because it has not been relevant to do so…until now.

In the news:

  • "Participant Marketing transformed the way we did business in the marketplace as an agency and provided a framework for doing business with clients that added unique value to their marketing efforts. -Kris Pinto, Investor, Founder, Moxie Interactive
  • "Marketing is constantly evolving. Companies can't compete by using the same old, tired tools. This book provides fresh inspiration, with a new framework for doing things differently." -Sally Hogshead, Author of Fascinate, Speaker Hall of Fame

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