Marketing in the Participation Age

Across the ages, scholars, sociologists, and scientists have studied why people are intrinsically motivated to participate. Aristotle, Freud, Nunberg, Maslow and others developed self-determination theories in an effort to explain why individuals naturally seek out participation as part of their psychological development. Up until now, this theory has only been applied to psychology, education, and human resources. It has never been applied to marketing, because it’s never been relevant, until now.
Marketing and consumerism are undergoing a transformational change and tools, processes and language need to evolve as a consequence. Known for thought leadership in the social marketing space – creating a new marketing lexicon including “participant marketing.” Participant marketing shifts the philosophy about how brands and people connect, creating new roles and equal status. Daina will present a ground-breaking method developed for marketing in the Age of Participation.

Becoming a “Nurturist” Organization in the Age of Participation

Information, communication and technology have forever changed people and the way in which they relate to products and markets. The new “participant” is more knowledgeable and demanding than brands could imagine forcing company cultures to change as well. Companies of the future will be dynamically adaptable to thrive in the rapidly changing marketplace. Rather than building marketing machines that are predictable and operate independently, we may need to shift to a more appropriate metaphor like gardening. Gardens are less about predictability and more about nurturing. Smart gardeners are intuitive, observant, and constantly adapting. Daina will discuss the five tenants for organizations who are evolving to be a “nurturist” in the Age of Participation.

Marketing Effectiveness for Revolutionaries

There is a new breed of nimble, data savvy marketers who understand they need to reinvent themselves and stand out in the marketplace as a result. Marketing Revolutionaries in the Participation Age are digital innovators who go beyond increasing a digital investment, but are actually utilizing data and insights based on participant actions. They understand that marketing is not just about persuasion, its about inviting, engaging, and motivating participation. Daina will discuss the barriers preventing organizations from making decisions and taking actions based on data and insight and how three simple questions can guide organizations to beginning a performance measurement discussion.

Women Leaders for the Age of Participation

Women bring a unique set of skills as leaders in the Age of Participation, yet the statistics indicate that while in many instances women outnumber men early in their careers fewer women are rising through the ranks to become leaders in their organizations. Daina will talk about the unique attributes women bring to the workplace and address common questions as well as provide leadership tips for women in the workplace.

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